Q1. Can I download the audio lessons?

A1. Yes you can. Just go to page of BEGINNER or ADVANCED, the download links are there. BUT PLEASE DON’T RE-POST THEM ANYWHERE.

Q2. How long have you been studying Korean?
A2. 3 years

Q3. Where did you learn Korean? How did you learn?
A3. I learned from online. I never enrolled in formal classes. I have been evaluated by a Korean language teacher before.

Q4. Have you been to Korea?
A4. Yes I have. Once, May 2011. 

Q5. What is TOPIK? Have you taken it?
A5. TOPIK is Test of Proficiency In Korean. It has 6 levels. 1-2 are elementary; 3-4 are advanced/intermediate; 5-6 are native level. I will be taking TOPIK 3 this year.